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Once in a while, there is this willful feeling of expressing and sharing of some quotes, stories, words in form of poems I feel like people definitely have to know about in order to have this epiphany from my own perspective…..


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Yes, You!……You reading this post.
Now that I have your attention, we can discuss this topic. You are beautiful, you are unique in your own way. But you are actually wondering if you are beautiful, right? You probably have a big forehead, puffy nose and big lips (I got you there, you touched it): now you are smiling!
The magazines you see around show something different from your current look. Vogue, the magazine of the stars shows thinner and taller is better now, so why not stave a little more attain the so perfect said shape right? Even their face is so chiselled and appealing, you are always thankful to the existence of makeup products that you are hardly ever without it.
It is not bad or wrong to admire the celebrities and their appealing looks, neither is it bad to admire their nice physiques. But when it becomes unpleasant is when you become obsessed with those things, you are to remember that most of those things are mirages that is, they are not real. They are even sometimes acquired through surgical means.
So, you should know you are amazing and special whichever way you look naturally. You can try to improve your look but what you should not do is try to model yourself into the image of someone else. You are beautiful,different special and unique!


Greetings to every reader and writer out there. This is my first post in months and I apologize for the long break taken; It was needed though. I hope everyone is doing fine in their various everyday activities. I miss everyone and I hope we get to see more of ourselves now.

Now today’s discussion is themed CHALLENGES. As human, it is in our nature to always strive forward and harder to achieve laid down goal. During this time, we are always faced with so many challenge on the way: they can be on terms of funds, health, discouragement, and so many others.

They can be so much that we might as well think of giving up on our dreams and goals. But during this time, we shouldn’t look at the present rather at the future. Things might be difficult now, but later it going to get better.

Keep on striving hards turn those challenges to stepping stones to your success and at the end, you will forever be glad you didn’t give up on your dreams.

Apology to readers

I deeply apologize to all my readers, followers and various blogs I am following also (I miss the comments, posts and discussions) . I know that my blog has been down for a while and I haven’t been really happy about it. So many priorities has been popping up and they need my utmost attention. School work and projects haven’t been sparing me also…

But I promise by middle of next month, it’s going to become active again. Thanks for always been there….

Love from Follypen….

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All we want…….

Things have been so busy for me for the past few months and I know it would become much more busier in the next two months to come….. I miss writing moreover, catching up with post hasn’t been easy….I hope school year round up pretty fast so that I can have enough time for other activities…

All we want…….

In live, we usually have this great plan in our brain. A great picture of how we want our various lives to map out. For example, when I was younger I usually envision myself to have began my own family at 24 years and also already earning a big six figure salary, but looking towards the future right now, the six big zero figure is promising but starting my own family at that age isn’t promising.

In summary, we can’t always have what we hope for in life. But we can always strive to achieve something very close to our dream.

Keep pressing forward and don’t let any form of disappointment wear you out.

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