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Once in a while, there is this willful feeling of expressing and sharing of some quotes, stories, words in form of poems I feel like people definitely have to know about in order to have this epiphany from my own perspective…..


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It’s not Sunday, yet I am in mood of worship…..

Looking back and forth, His love has kept me moving.

His Excess Love


I know that I haven’t been writing much like I planned to at the beginning of this semester. School has been sucking up my time with a large straw, even the time table is so choked up and also crashing. After getting home at night, all I long for is dinner and sleep. Lol……(I just need to rant about all that)

One of the courses for this semester is Logic and Philosophy, as an Engineering student, at first I wondered why we actually need a course as such. But after attending some classes since resumption, I have come to understand that school shouldn’t be circled around what you are just studying alone, it should be an eye opener to other various aspects of life.

This course has had a good influence in my sense of reasoning…..

I would like to quote Socrates’ intuition about man. He said,

Every man has an unconscious part of him in depth that needs to be spurred into consciousness by certain things.

Although this has been countered by other philosophers but I will stick with Socrates intuition.

In summary of what was said by Socrates, knowledge and wisdom began with human consciousness. It was enhanced by seeking, questioning, and enquiring for knowledge.

So from today, get conscious of your environment. Start taking note of things going on, have meaningful conversations with people.

No man is an Island of knowledge

By rubbing minds together, you knowledge on certain things would become conscious.

You can’t always learn everything from school or from social media.

What do paper planes remind you of? Childhood? School days? Go ahead and share it…..

Feels good to be back

Been off for a while and I am tendering my apologies to all my readers out there….. The time off was needed…. To everyone I am following, I really miss being here and reading everyone’s amazing writes up…..

The blog is going to start running fully from now on… I hope we all have a new and impact season ahead..

Yours Truly,



To the numerous families,

To the disheartened,

To the unconsolable,

To the pained,

My heart cries,

Thinking and weeping,

Feeling the pain you feel,

To the dead,

Rest on,

In peace where you will feel pain no more,

Away from harm and the earth’s tribulations.


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