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Once in a while, there is this willful feeling of expressing and sharing of some quotes, stories, words in form of poems I feel like people definitely have to know about in order to have this epiphany from my own perspective…..


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With great power comes, greater responsibility.

Have you wondered how spidy boy felt when Uncle Ben told him that phrase? Only that what he told him exactly was: “with great power comes great responsibility”.

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I just feel that phrase can be misleading. I’m not exactly against being responsible. But one’s life is a chaotic space with responsibility. He could have told him something different like “Put yourself first” or “Don’t loose yourself in process of saving others”. You know words like that…..(but what do I know? maybe Uncle Ben is right). Maybe powers are curses, once you in power, you should be ready to get buried with tons of crushing responsibilities.

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Talking about Power. Once a person gets to a certain age, responsibilities comes from all 4-cardinals slapping and hitting you hard. So, adulthood can also be classified as superpowers. You are the chauffeur of your life. You have power of a turbine, you can propel your life in whichever direction you which.

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Then, now the songs of being responsible is being sung by all and sundry. Expectations from friends, foes and family. It’s not so easy blending into the shadows anymore.

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You didn’t ask for this life. It chose you. You are then torn between satisfying everyone and satisfying yourself. This isn’t possible as one side of the balance would be a bit tilted. The state of an equilibrium can not be attained.

What do you then do?

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■Take a deep breath. Calm those nerve, please. Life is not so hard

■Put yourself first. Your happiness is everything. If it doesn’t make you happy, just take a step back and change your route.

■Take what you feel is important from advises then shut the doors of your ears. Learn to filter, every advise given shouldn’t be adopted without careful dissection and analysis.

■Don’t sleep on your responsibilities. You know what is important. Try to attend to them. The more you ignore them, they won’t just disappear! They will pile up till you can’t curtail it anymore.

You can not escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading today’s||Abraham Lincoln.


Some warriors wear cape.

Others armour,

A few prefer to fight cloth less.


there are some others;

These ones doesn’t even know they are warriors.

They fight various battles all their life.

I know a warrior. 

It’s in the shape of a woman. 

I have heard tales of her fearlessness, 

her sacrifices. 

After her sacrifices and fearlessness during her youthful years.

She thought that was it all.

She was wrong. 

A greater battle preceded. 

It was a battle for life.

She fought the battle!

She won!!


She was left with scars and a loss.

The scar was a reminder,

of her being a conqueror. 

The loss was a reminder, 

That life isn’t always complete. 

There is no perfect life anywhere. 

The warrior, 

is in shape of a woman.

A woman of many tales.

My Grandma!


Happy new year!

It surprising how I have been away for so long. I have missed blogging so much.I welcome new followers that followed even in my absence and my ever faithful existing followers.This year has a whole lot of promises (good ones as that). I am sure you have one or two things you plan on doing better this year. DON’T SLEEP IT. Starts doing them TODAY!You can also share one of the few things you plan on doing to make yourself a better version this year.

Something new!

Greetings from my part of the world. It is been like forever since I had posted on my blog and I have really missed my conversation with everyone. But at times, some breaks are needed. Moreover, school works and a couple of other programs had been seriously eating up my time. There are times, I would even be tired to cook dinner on getting home and sleep off like a worn-out bull (lol)… I know it’s for just a little pace of time, the end if the goal.

About something new,

I tried a lot of new things and made some changes in my routine. One of the few changes is: I had a haircut (it was really mind blowing). The kind of community I live in, value women on long hair more. It’s believed hair makes you beautiful or so they think. Anyway, my parents are supportive, when I decided I wanted a haircut my mum just smiled and asked why I wanted it. She just smiled and said she knows the feeling.

We had a funny moment,it was more of a bitter sweet experience because I knew I will miss my hair but I was gingered and interested in going for something new… It has been a sweet decision ever. The feel of breeze and water drops on my bare head has been so so superb. I will definitely grow the hair out… But while it’s still low, I will enjoy every moment of it.

When you yearn for a change, always go for it. Regardless of people’s opinion and views (note:A positive change though). Who knows, it might be one of the best decisions you would ever make. Be a little bit adventurous, a safe adventure at that.


Life is like a piano…

Just like the black and white on a piano,

Life is made of different shades.

The good and the bad, the bitter and sweet, the memorable and the forgotten memories. (name them)

Several times,

Life’s worth is questionable……

The different shades tends to question and test our existence.

They push us and try us.

But, life is ours to live!

Life is worth living and no matter the obstacles,

Let us know that they are just a stepping stone to our destination.

Life is a mixture of different shades.

These shades are what gives it meaning.

Written by

Follypen 📝

Speak up! 🔊

A short story….

There was this day, I went to the public tap to fetch water because my house pump was faulty. On the queue I was, this woman was next to me. Then, a vacant tap came up on another queue. The right thing for her to do was to remain on the queue while I move over there since I was there before her…. Instead, she moved my bucket away. On a normal day, I am this kind of person that avoids trouble, so I would have kept quiet but on this day. I spoke up. I told her that what she did was bad and inappropriate. She tried to insult me, but I had said my piece and ignored her. I felt happy afterwards knowing I did something for myself.


Mostly we let people take advantage of us in various ways, when we do we sometimes wish we had spoken up and either put the person in the right place or reject some offers. Also, we keep quiet so that we can preserve some friendship or even family bonds.

Stand up for yourself by not standing yourself up.

Gina Greenlee

Most times, if you not standing up for yourself, It comes with a lot of “had I know”. Your inability to say no, will make you a dump for unnecessary office works, assignment, attitudes and so on.

The victim inside us all ceases when we stand up in opposition of that which oppresses or intimidates us. Something powerfully intrinsic happens when the courage to no longer be silent awakens within us and we are compelled to confront our problems rather than cower to them. The things that torment us thrive on our hushed fears and insecurities and they are made powerless by a resilient voice; An inner voice that says…“No More!”


Jason Versey

In life decisions too, It’s important we don’t let ourselves to be shoved into making some decisions we would wished we had never made. We should try to stand up for ourselves when our peers tries to cajole us into doing things that are against our morality, believe or way of life.

Speak up when it’s right

So that you regret later in life




Some things are never just enough

I have been theme short since the beginning of the year, I did not have an idea of what to write down as my first post of the year. This random thought just popped up in my head while battling with a very bad internet network. I am glad it turned out well as my new year post (even if the new month is half already).

Have your ever tried having a spoon of ice cream ( ice cream lovers like me can perfectly relate) and then you plan to keep the rest until later? The excitement and the anticipation of the LATER to become the MOMENT . What about the feeling after calling a loved one and you which you could go on talking forever.

Indeed some things are just never enough!
We yearn for success and progress just the same way we yearn earnestly more for the above listed materialistic things.

As it’s a new year, we have a long list of new year resolutions or even shorter lists (depending on what we have in mind for the new year). Even while making lists of the new year resolutions, you might observe that the list is never enough…

In all we do, we should realise we might not get enough of certain things. This doesn’t incline you aren’t getting them: they aren’t just enough.

So, don’t just go out thinking and feeling downcast! The year is only just started!!

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