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Once in a while, there is this willful feeling of expressing and sharing of some quotes, stories, words in form of poems I feel like people definitely have to know about in order to have this epiphany from my own perspective…..


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That word “NEVER”

Never say Never!

The word NEVER should not for once cross your lips. There is capability in you to achieve that dream.

There is no impossibility in the life of a youth (I would generalise it: in a person’s life).

As long as there is still life, you can strive to achieve that which you desire.

Start being optimistic, Stop the use of NEVER!


Mid this week, the world celebrated Valentine which was quite alright (although I spent mine in class until 6pm.). It was colourful and loved filled in terms of couples or people who are dating and also people who wore the white and read {awwn! What a lovely combination ).

So many people went out on various dates, some even cheated on their spouses while some realised their real position (as it’s said, a side chick)

But how many people have come to specially analyse and realise what Valentine is really about?

Saint Valentine according to history was someone who did a selfless act of making sure Christians who were in love got married in opposition to the then Roman ruler who believed single men made strong Soldiers which of course got him beheaded.

It was quite a bit about love, quite alright but the real reason is about SELFLESS ACT. Selfless act entailing putting smile on people’s face, touching lives, helping people who are in need, affecting lives positively without really expecting something in return.

Let’s examine how we spent the Valentine day, did we really celebrate it according to the real reason or we just celebrated it according to our myopic and the world tagged meaning.

It would be nice and better if Love is channelled the right way, you have forever to make a loved one happy but you can dedicate a day making people in need or a stranger smile.


With the usual phrase, “Today is too fast, I didn’t even do the things I planned to do”! Another day is gone without achieving your goals.

This is as a result of improper time management. Lack of time management leads to unaccomplished goals.

It also leads to procrastination. This is the canker destroying ones achievements; It resists ones development and makes it stagnant and also reduces one’s chance of learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and ideas because the previous goals haven’t been met.

Learn to manage your time judiciously!


Have you made a mistake and you felt so beaten up? Have you ever felt like you have lost it all after a mistake?

Mistakes made doesn’t really mean it’s the end of life. As human, we aren’t all perfect. Hence, we are bound to make one mistake or the other.

But the only time a mistake made can be to a fault, is when that particular mistake has been made repeatedly. That is where this phrase comes in;

Learn from your mistakes

So, making mistakes is a sign, a pointer, a note of your relentless trial. A mistake serves as a means of improvement, enlightenment and encouragement that you becoming a master at what you do.

So, don’t be afraid to make mistake but don’t make the same mistake twice!

Hidden Talent 

“Every body is talented…. It just needs discovery” 

I heard an inspiring topic from my youth leader and I thought it’s important to share, as a saying goes, ‘there is love in sharing’

There is a hidden talent in everyone, remember, not all sides of coins are the same. Hence, everyone is blessed with different talent which compromises of different skills, characters and traits 

You don’t have to be beaten up if you try out somethings and it is not working out well. The most important thing is trying and learning. Even at times,there won’t be anyone there to encourage you, don’t give up. If you don’t leave your comfort zone and try something ne, the talent would remain hidden in the dark. 

So, don’t be afraid to try something new. You are only one step away to discover your hidden talent. 

African Beauty

I was told as a child

I could never find another beauty elsewhere

I have always being doubtful until I grew off age


no beauty elsewhere can suppress my African Beauty!
Africa! Oh! Africa!

There is so much beauty in Africa!
We are blessed with skin so dark as coal,

So pleasant as silk.

Hair as dark as night,

Lustre as Leather.

Lips as pitch as black,

Succulent as pulp.

Eyes as gentle as wind,

Blowing at bay.

Hands as strong as rod,

Light as feather.

Legs as durable as Iron,

Flexible as rubber.

Ever heard of Black Diamond,

A rare gem!

African heart is made of this.

never found so much beauty in one place!
African Beauty!

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